WEBSITE – Zoosemiotics: Animal Communication on the Web

Logo with drawings of insects and a photograph of a seal


The very first website devoted to zoosemiotics aims to be a point of reference for those people (experts and non-experts) interested in animal communication. The basis of such work is mainly semiotic, but the topic is so interdisciplinary that you will find contributions from several fields of science. In this sense, the term Zoosemiotics is meant in a very broad sense, involving different types of approach towards animal communication and interspecific relations (mainly humans—other animals). The site includes introductory portraits to the discipline and specific essays.

See also the Zoosemiotics & Cognitive Ethology bibliography at the ISEE Bibliographies page, the just published anthology Readings in Zoosemiotics, and a listing of talks with abstracts for a recent conference on zoosemiotics in Tartu, Estonia, April 4-8, 2011.