ISEE NEWSLETTER 23, no 3 (fall 2012)

The fall 2012 edition of the ISEE Newsletter has just been released.  In this edition we conclude our series on animal studies and the Minding Animals conference that was held this past summer in Utrecht, The Netherlands.  More than a few readers may be interested in Joel MacClellan’s interview of Dale Jamieson.  In addition to MAI, the issue contains four reviews by ISEE members, various updates on environmental ethics from around the globe, and a bibliography of recent publications.

We are currently seeking (1) a new visual artist(s) and (2) suggestions for a multi-issue series on a select theme to feature in upcoming newsletters.  In the next issue we will also be debuting an op-ed section, which will provide commentaries by ethicists on normative or philosophical aspects of current environmental issues.  Please contact the newsletter editors ( with any questions, suggestions, or submissions for these sections.

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