CALL FOR CHAPTERS – Strongly Sustainable Societies

Call for book chapters:
Strongly Sustainable Societies
Organising Human Activities on a Hot and Full Earth
This is a call for authors that wish to present alternatives and challenge today’s unsustainable societies.
Deadline for abstract submissions: January 30, 2017 Continue reading

BOOK – Rachel Carson’s “Maravilhar-se” (Portuguese translation of “The Sense of Wonder”)


(português abaixo)

2012 marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring and it also marks the appearance of the first Portuguese-language translation of The Sense of Wonder, which is now available via e-mail order (from Price: €12.00 (plus shipping and handling)



2012 marca o cinquentenário da publicação do livro Silent Spring, de Rachel Carson, que acaba de ganhar uma tradução portuguesa, com introdução de Viriato Soromenho-Marques.

“Maravilhar-se”, editado pela Campo Aberto em parceria com as Edições Sempre-em-Pé (com apoio do Programa Ambiente da Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian), está disponível para compra na sede da editora Campo Aberto (no Porto, Portugal) ou pelo correio (pedidos podem ser feitos via e as encomendas serão enviadas mediante comprovativo de pagamento para o NIB 0035 0730 0003 5756103 54). Custo: 12.00€ + despesas de expedição e portes (1.50€ para Portugal)

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NOTES – New Taiwanese Book Series

White flowers, Taiwanese writing

The Taiwan Ecological Stewardship Association (TESA) has put together the following four book series in Thought and Praxis of Environmental Ethics.  The price of a set is NTD 1,150, or (US) $40. The four volumes have 1,192 pages in total. 2,000 sets (8,000 volumes) were published in December 2007 as a preparatory project for the celebration of TESA’s 10th anniversary in 2008.  The editor of this series is Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen, general secretary and founder of TESA.  The content is mainly intended as reference reading for the general education on environmental ethics related courses in university, and can be very informative also for the school teachers, churches or NGOs. Many thanks to Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen for this update!

I. Introduction to Environmental Ethics
II. From Land Ethics to Earth Charter
III. The Praxis of Environmental Ethics and Ecological Spirituality in Taiwan
IV. Reconstructing the Ecological Culture in Taiwan

The following are more details about the contents of these books:

Introduction to TESA Series in Thought and Praxis of Environmental Ethics: “The Island Country Taiwan needs Environmental Ethics for Sustainable Development” by Dr. Hsin-Huan.  Michael Hsiao (Executive Director of Center for Asia-Pacific Studies, Taiwan Academia Sinica). Preface: “Sow the Seeds in Heart” by Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen (General Secretary of TESA). 

Volume I: Introduction to Environmental Ethics

  1. “Quiet Strength: Environmental Philosopher Is Environmental Activist” by Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen.
  2. “A Philosopher In Defense and Beyond the Land Ethic” by Dr. Yi-ming Jean (National Cheng Kong University)

Part One: Introduction and translation of articles and lectures by J. Baird Callicott.  J. Baird Callicott articles and lectures translated by Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen:

  1. “Benevolent Symbiosis: The Philosophy of Conservation Reconstructed,” in Earth Summit Ethics: Toward A Reconstructive Postmodern Philosophy of Environmental Education (1996)
  2. “Holistic Environmental Ethics and the Problem of Ecofascism,” in Beyond the Land Ethic: More Essays in Environmental Philosophy (1999).
  3. “The Land Aesthetic,” in Companion to A Sand County Almanac: Interpretive and Critical Essays (1987).
  4. “Multicultural Environmental Ethics,” Taiwan Lecture 1999.11.5.
  5. “Conservation Values and Ethics,” in Principles of Conservation Biology, 2nd ed. (1997).
  6. “Ecological Sustainability as a Conservation Concept,”in Beyond the Land Ethic.
  7. “Ethics and Environmental Ethics,” in Earth’s Insights: A Multicultural Survey of Ecological Ethics from the Mediterranean Basin to the Australian Outback (1994).

Part Two: Introduction and translation of lectures and articles by Holmes Rolston III.Introduction by Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen:

  1.  “A Philosopher Gone Wild.”
  2. “Introduction of Rolston’s Philosophy Gone Wild.

Holmes Rolston III articles and lectures translated by Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen and others:

  1. “The River of Life: Past, Present, and Future,” Chapter 4 in Philosophy Gone Wild: Environmental Ethics (1986), translated by Yen-Ju Lin.
  2. “The Pasqueflower,” in Philosophy Gone Wild, translated by Wei-Jen Liang.
  3. “Wild Life and Wild Lands,” in After Nature’s Revolt: Eco-Justice and Theology (1992)
  4. “The Bible and Ecology,” in Interpretation: Journal of Bible and Theology (1996).
  5. “Caring for Nature: From Fact to Value, From Respect to Reverence,” in Zygon (2004).
  6. Templeton Prize address at the American Academy of Religion, November 23, 2003.
  7. “Preaching on the Environment,” in Journal for Preachers (2000).
  8. “Ethics and the Environment,” Ethics Applied, 2nd ed. (1999), translated by Yu-Lin Wu. Lecture: “Living with Nature” by Dr. Hen-Biau King, Lecture in the Conference of Rolston’s Trip to Taiwan (2004).


Part Three: “Issues of Science and Religion in Taiwan,” four essays in Wilderness magazine (1991), by Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen.

Conclusion of Volume I: “Insights in the Three Trips of Dr. Callicott in 1999 and 2000” by Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen.

Volume II: From Land Ethics to Earth Charter

Introductions to Volume II by Dr. Tsao-Cheng Lin (National Cheng Kong University) and Dr.

Sun-Mei Wang (Institute of Environmental Education, National Taiwan Normal University).

Part One:

  1. “The Thought and/or Legacy of Aldo Leopold, Rachael Carson, E. F. Schumacher, Nancy Victorian Vangerud, Mosei Lin,” ten essays by Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen.
  2. “In Search oh the Concept of the Harmony between Nature and Man in Traditional China: A Critique,” by Dr. Edgar Jun-Yi Lin, Lecture in TESA’s Conference (1999).


Part Two: “Introduction to the History of Ecological Ideas in Nature’s Economy by Donald Worster,” six essays by Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen.

Part Three: “Reawakening the Ancient Wisdom, In Search of an Alternative Life,” ten essays by Masauli Koung, Eunice Jiang, Esther Jiang, and Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen.

Part Four: “Introducing the Earth Charter: History, Principles and ECYI,” translated by Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen.

Part Five: “Teacher’s Guide of the Earth Charter: Bringing Sustainability into the Classroom,” edited by Mohit Mukerjee, translated by Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen.

Conclusion of Volume II: “Taitung, We Are Coming!” by Dr. J. C. Liu.

Volume III: The Praxis of Environmental Ethics and Ecological Spirituality in Taiwan

Introductions to Volume III by Dr. Jen-Wen Wang (Tainan Theological Seminary) and Dr. Sang- Ren Chen (Taiwan Theological Seminary).

Part One: “Global Warming as a Theological Concern,” ten essays by Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen.

Part Two: “Renewal of Faith in the Context of Ecological Crisis,” ten essays by Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen, one essay by Rev. Ke-Siu Young (former General Secretary of Presbyterian Church in Taiwan), and one essay by Rev. Carver Yu (President of China Graduate School of Theology in Hong-Kong).

Part Three: “Series on Freedom of Simplicity,” twelve essays by Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen.

Part Four: “A Mother Who Cares for the Earth and Her Family,” twelve essays by Nancy Tzu- Mei Chen.

Part Five: “The Journey to Find the Lost Taiwan Lily,” by Ming-Yong Lo (President of TESA)

Part Six: “Introduction to ‘The Greening of Religion’ in Roderick Frazier Nash’s The Rights of Nature” (1989), by Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen.

Conclusion of Volume III: “Land Ethics from the Kitchen,” by Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen.

Volume IV: Reconstructing the Ecological Culture in Taiwan

Introductions to Volume IV by Dr. Jong-Ho Wang (Taiwan Academia Sinica) and Jean-Yi Chen (Association of the Promotion of Land Ethics).

Part One:

  1. Taiwan Christian Ecological Center.
  2. Conference on Ecological Concern.
  3. Taiwan Ecological Stewardship Association.
  4. Core Values of TESA.

Part Two:

  1. Faith and Environmental Ideas Study Group (twenty-four essays of book study report).
  2. Land Ethics Study Group (four essays of book study report).

Part Three: Conference Lectures and Research Papers by Scholars:

  1. The Global Environmental Issues.
  2. The Taiwanese Environmental Problems.
  3. The History of Environmental Protection Movement in Taiwan.
  4. The Water Issues in Taiwan.
  5. Deep Environmental Movement in Taiwan.
  6. Biodiversity and Traditional Wisdom.
  7. The Church of Biodiversity.
  8. After the Kyoto Protocol.

Conclusion of Volume IV: “Caring for the Planet Earth” by Nancy Tzu-Mei Chen.