SUMMER SCHOOL – Degrowth, Barcelona, Spain

Degrowth Summer School (Barcelona, Spain, July 4-21, 2014)

Adapting to the times of crisis: an advanced course on socially sustainable degrowth

Four Columns, the monument of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.Amidst calls for restoring growth as a path out of the crisis, the intellectual and political degrowth movement exposes the impossibility to greening economic growth, or making it equitable. In theoretical terms degrowth implies a radical critique to the western notion of growth- and technology-led development as a single overarching path of organizing social and economic life. It implies revisiting the role of monetary and market-based transactions in society and searching for a way to bring back its human, emotional, non-utilitarian or gift-based traits. Continue reading

CFP – 4th International Degrowth Conference, Leipzig (Germany)

From 2 to 6 September 2014, the Fourth International Conference on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity will take place in Leipzig, Germany. Proposals for special sessions have to be submitted until December 31st 2013, papers and abstracts until January 31st 2014. Continue reading

CFP – Framing Degrowth: From Diagnosis to Development Alternatives




The degrowth movement has emerged in the last decade in some European countries. It is a movement built around a critique of the growth economy, which draws strongly on the “limits to growth” and strong sustainability debates of the 1970s. The underlying premises are that continuous economic growth is ecologically unsound and economically unsustainable and that it is no longer improving social welfare and happiness (Jackson, 2011). Degrowth was first launched in the beginning of the 21st century as a project of voluntary societal shrinking of production and consumption aimed at social and ecological sustainability (Demaria et. al, 2013) and quickly developed into a social movement. It later entered academic journals. This special issue aims at articulating the degrowth critique, proposal, and movement through a framework composed of four different axes: critique to growth societies, degrowth policies, actors and strategies for degrowth, and alternative world-visions.

(A more elaborate description of the degrowth movement’s history and progression can be found alongside the original, official call for papers.)


  • Demaria, F., F. Schneider, F. Sekulova and J. Martinez-Alier. 2013. “What is Degrowth? From an activist slogan to a social movement.” Environmental Values 22: 191–215.
  • Jackson, T. 2009. “Prosperity Without Growth?” Sustainable Development Commission.

CONFERENCE – Sustainable degrowth, an alternative toward a more equitable world?, Montreal, Canada

mur mitoyen(conference in French)
Conférence: ‘La décroissance soutenable, alternative vers un monde plus équitable?’

Dans le cadre du ‘Forum Alternatives Monde Equitable’ organisé par l’association étudiante pour le développement durable HumaniTERRE, le professeur et sociologue Yves-Marie Abraham donne une conférence sur la décroissance soutenable qui est son domaine de recherche et d’expertise.

Date: Jeudi 28 Mars 2013
Heure: 15h00-17h00
Lieu: HEC Montréal (salle Alma, bât. Decelles)
3000, chemin de la Côte-Sainte-Catherine
Montréal, QC Canada
H3T 2A7

Inscriptions obligatoires par courriel:
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