CALL FOR PAPERS – Kant on Animals


Conference to be held July 5-8, 2013, hosted by the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, at the Protea Hotel, Kruger Park Gate

This conference will be the first one devoted solely to the topic of the status of non-human animals within Kant’s philosophy. The conference will explore the place of animals in Kant’s Pre-Critical and Critical writings, and with regard to Kant’s epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, and natural science. 

Topics to be examined will include: 

  • animal cognition (especially animal sensations and spatial representation) and the implications of thinking about animals for Kant’s account of human cognition.
  • duties to animals
  • the role of animals in Kant’s biology;
  • the contrast with animals in Kant’s anthropology. 

Confirmed Speakers:

  • John Callanan (KCL)
  • Steve Naragon (Manchester)
  • Jon Garthoff (Tennessee)
  • Sacha Golob (KCL)
  • Ina Goy (Concordia)
  • Patrick Kain (Purdue)
  • Thaddeus Metz (Johannesburg)
  • Colin McClear (Cornell)
  • Nick Stang (Florida)
  • Sergio Tenenbaum (Toronto)
  • Clinton Tolley (UCSD)
  • Jennifer Uleman (Purchase College)
  • Helga Varden (Illinois)
  • Eric Watkins (UCSD)

Papers, suitable for presentation in 30 minutes, should be sent to Professor Lucy Allais no later than March 31st 2013.