There are several scholars working within the field of environmental ethics in Sweden. At present, research within the field of environmental ethics is conducted at the following departments: Dep. of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies, Umeå University (Lars Samuelsson, PhD), Dep. of Theology, Uppsala Univ. (Lars Löfquist, PhD, Joel Ludvigson, PhD candidate), Dep. of Education, Uppsala University (David Kronlid, Ass. Prof.), Dep. of Philosophy, Stockholm University (Gustaf Arrhenius, Prof), Dep. of Philosophy and History of Technology, Royal Institute of Technology (Sven-Ove Hansson, Prof., Karin Edvardsson Björnberg, PhD, Patrik Baard, PhD, Payam Moula, PhD-candidate), Dep. of Political Science, Stockholm University (Aaron Maltais, PhD, Jasmina Nedevska, PhD candidate), Dep. of Management and Engineering, Linköping Univ. (Jörgen Ödalen, PhD), Centre for Applied Ethics, Linköping Univ. (Dickson Kanakulya, PhD candidate), Dep. of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science, Gothenburg Univ. (Petra Andersson, PhD, Bengt Brülde, Prof.), Dep. of Philosophy, Lund University (Eric Brandstedt, PhD), Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Helena Röcklinsberg, Ass. Prof., Per Sandin, Ass. Prof., Erik Persson, PhD), Dep. of Global Political Studies, Malmö Univ. (Anders Melin, Ass. Prof., Johan Brännmark, Ass. Prof., Tulsa Jansson, PhD candidate). So far the following PhD-theses have been publicly defended: Ekosofi och etik (Ecosophy and Ethics) from 1993 by Olof Stridbeck, Samtal med den värdefulla naturen : ett studium av miljöetiken hos Knud Løgstrup, Holmes Rolston III och Hans Jonas (Dialogue with the Valuable Nature: A Study of the Environmental Ethics of Knud Løgstrup, Holmes Rolston III and Hans Jonas) from 1999 by Staffan Kvassman, Future Generations: A Challenge for Moral Theory (2000) by Gustaf Arrhenius, Naturen, vetenskapen och förnuftet: upplysningens dialektik och det andra moderna (Nature, Science and Reason: the Dialectics of Enlightenment and the Other Modern) from 2001 by Per Nilsson, Das seufzende Schwein: zur Theorie und Praxis in deutschen Modellen zur Tierethik (The Groaning Pig: On Theory and Practice in German Models of Animal Ethics) from 2001 by Helena Röcklinsberg, Judgements in Equilibrium? An Ethical Analysis of Environmental Impact Assessment (2001) by Anders Melin, Ecofeminism and Environmental Ethics: An Analysis of Ecofeminist Ethical Theory (2003) by David Kronlid, Better Safe than Sorry: Applying Philosophical Methods to the Debate on Risk and the Precautionary Principle (2004) by Per Sandin, Humanity and Nature: Towards A Consistent Holistic Environmental Ethics (2007) by Petra Andersson, Människan, naturen och Gud: en studie av miljöetiken i nutida kristen teologi (Man, Nature and God: A Study of Environmental Ethics within Contemporary Christian Theology) from 2007 by Kerstin Andersson, The Moral Status of Nature: Reasons to Care for the Natural World (2008) by Lars Samuelsson, Ethics Beyond Finitude: Responsibility towards Future Generations and Nuclear Waste Management (2008) by Lars Löfquist, The Concepts of Health, Well-being and Welfare as Applied to Animals: A Philosophical Analysis of the Concepts with Regard to the Differences Between Animals (2008) by Henrik Lerner, What is Wrong with Extinction? (2008) by Erik Persson, Weighing Animal Lives : a Critical Assessment of Justification and Prioritization in Animal-rights Theories (2009) by Fredrik Karlsson and The Construction of a Sustainable Development in Times of Climate Change (2013) by Eric Brandstedt, Rational Goal-setting in Environmental Policy: Foundations and Applications (2008) by Karin Edvardsson Björnberg, Global Warming and Our Natural Duties of Justice: A Cosmopolitan Political Conception of Justice (2008) by Aaron Maltais, Morality Beyond Humanity: Schopenhauer, Grysanowski and Schweitzer on Animal Ethics (2001) by Monica Libell, and Ethical Aspects of Radiation Risk Management (2012) by Per Wikman-Svahn, Cautiously utopian goals: Philosophical analyses of climate change objectives and sustainability targets (2016) by Patrik Baard.
Issues of environmental ethics are also discussed in the following monographs: Understanding Ethics (2013) by Torbjörn Tännsjö, Miljöetik: en introduktion (Environmental ethics: an introduction) from 2013 by Håkan Salwén, Environmental Ethics and Policy-making (2002) by Mikael Stenmark and Den mänskliga naturen: en essä om miljö och moral (Human nature: an essay on the environment and morality) from 1994 by Thomas Anderberg. Here are links to Open Access material by Swedish environmental ethicist Lars Löfquist (Uppsala University):

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Malmö University – 205 06 Malmö – Sweden
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There are no specific journals on environmental ethics in Sweden, but articles on environmental ethics sometimes appear in the following journals: Filosofisk tidskrift (Philosophical Journal), Theoria, Tidskrift för politisk filosofi (Journal for Political Philosophy) and Svensk Teologisk Kvartalskrift (Swedish Theological Quarterly).
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