The philosophy department of the University of Lisbon was a pioneer in promoting environmental ethics, by creating, in 1997, a Master’s degree in Philosophy of Nature and of Environment. Its coordinator, Viriato Soromenho Marques, professor of the institution with a long CV and vast experience in the area of environment, founded the Society of Environmental Ethics (Sociedade de Ética Ambiental – SEA) in 2000, together with Cristina Beckert, Joao Barbosa, Carlos João Correia, Maria José Varandas, Francisco Teixeira and other Portuguese personalities from various disciplines. Research on environmental ethics continues to have as the main pole the Faculty of Arts, University of Lisbon, both in courses and doctoral programs, and in postgraduate research at the Centre for Philosophy, University of Lisbon (CFUL). The Society of Environmental Ethics and its members have been contributing with publications, organization and participation in seminars and conferences in disseminating environmental ethics in Portugal. Having as its main objective the dissemination and promotion of Environmental Ethics, it launched in 2003 a collection of publications with nine titles already published. SEA is also associated with editing anthologies of environmental ethics in partnership with the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lison (FLUL). The anthology “Ethics and Environmental Policies” edited by Cristina Beckert and Maria José Varandas (2004), had the collaboration of American philosophers with original texts: Tom Regan, Baird Callicott and Michael Nelson.

ISEE Representatives
Maria José Varandas
Email: ambientesea@gmail.com
CFUL- Center for Philosophy of the University of Lisbon
Jorge Marques da Silva
Email: jmlsilva@fc.ul.pt
FCUL- Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon
Schools, Programs, Degrees, Classes
M.A. in Philosophy of Nature and of the Environment (FLUL)
B.A. in Environmental Sciences (Open University)
M.A. in Environmental Citizenship and Participation (Open University)
Ph.D. in Social Sustainability and Development (Open University)
Classes have also been taught in the following Portuguese universities:

Centers, Organizations, Journals
  • Society for Environmental Ethics (SEA) publishes a collection of short essays on various themes within environmental ethics
  • Breviário de Ética Ambiental, coordinated by João Barbosa
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