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Climate Philosophy Newsletter


Martin Schönfeld (University of South Florida)


Department of Philosophy FAO 226
University of South Florida
Tampa, Florida 33620, USA
Email:  mschonfe@usf.edu
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Minding Animals (MAI)

LogoMinding Animals International (MAI) provides an avenue for the transdisciplinary field of Animal Studies to be more  responsive to the protection of animals.  It is recognized that animal protection in this context encapsulates environmentalism, animal liberation, animal rights, wildlife protection, animal welfare and animal justice (in no particular order of importance).  MAI aims to enable discourse between the various interests within this rapidly developing transdisciplinary field in ways that will improve the status of non-human animals and alleviate nonhuman animal exploitation.  As such, MAI facilitates research in Animal Studies as a conduit of non-governmental politics and action.




Rod Bennison, mindinganimals@gmail.com

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