The International Society for Environmental Ethics strives to advance research and education in the field of environmental ethics and philosophy. Founded in 1990, ISEE promotes environmental thought as path to appropriate human use, respect, conservation, preservation, and understanding of the natural world.

ISEE maintains the Online Bibliography of Environmental Thought and provides current information about environmental ethics-related resources.

 ISEE membership services are provided by the Philosophy Documentation Center. Membership is good for 12 months. To become a member, or renew your membership, click the following link:

ISEE Membership Services

Members receive the ISEE Newsletter and have online access to the journal Environmental Ethics.

ISEE members are eligible to present at ISEE group sessions at APA meetings as well as the annual Meeting on Environmental Philosophy.

ISEE also recognizes scholars in the field annually through three awards. Nominations for these awards are solicited through the ISEE website and listserv. Only ISEE members are eligible for ISEE awards and prizes and nominations for the same are accepted from ISEE members only. For information on next year’s award schedule please contact the ISEE President.

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