Environmental Ethics in Italy

Green ItalyScholarship in environmental ethics and philosophy in Italy is strong, with both international and domestic work well documented in the Italian language.  Among the first and best known to have dedicated their research to environmental ethics is Sergio Bartolommei (University of Pisa) and Luisella Battaglia (University of Genoa).  In more recent years, Serenella Iovino (University of Turin), Mariachiara Tallacchini (Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan), and Piergiacomo Pagano (ENEA) have published books on the subject.  Authors currently working in the area include Simone Pollo (University La Sapienza of Rome) and Matteo Andreozzi (University of Milan).  Given such scholarship, it is perhaps surprising that few academics teach the subject, with just a handful of classes offered regularly.

ISEE Representatives
Matteo Andreozzi
Email: matteo.andreozzi@unimi.it
Website: http://matteoandreozzi.it
Department of Philosophy
Università degli Studi of Milan
Via Festa del Perdono 7, 20122, Milan (Italy)
Piergiacomo Pagano
Email: piergiacomo.pagano@enea.it
Websites: Environmental Philosophy, @ Bologna
ENEA (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy & Economic Sustainable Development)
Via Martiri di Monte Sole, 4. I-40129 Bologna
Schools, Programs, Degrees, Classes
MA in Bioethics, La Sapienza University of Rome
Director: Piergiorgio Donatelli, piorgio.donatelli@uniroma1.it

The Masters degree provides interdisciplinary training in bioethics, in relation to human life (bio-medical ethics and nursing), animal life (animal ethics and ethical veterinary) and plant life (environmental ethics, ethical issues of GMOs and climate change).
Classes have been taught in the following Italian universities.

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