ISEE-L Mailing List Membership

ISEE-L is the mailing list of the International Society for Environmental Ethics. The list, established by the ISEE Board of Directors in December of 2000, is to be used for communicating about ethical and philosophical aspects of environmental issues. The list manager and moderator is Alex Lee. All questions regarding ISEE-L should be directed to Alex at

List Policies and Procedures
ISEE-L is intended to be used for both discussions and announcements of the ethical and philosophical aspects of environmental issues. Email submissions to

Typical announcements include conferences, calls for papers, job openings, book recommendations, and questions (about teaching, articles, events, etc.).

For discussions, posters are required to follow simple guidelines:
1) avoid bombast and charged language;
2) avoid ad hominem comments;
3) avoid repetitive posts;
4) avoid posts that repeat themselves.

In line with points 3) and 4), posters are asked to use the listserv to make a point or raise an issue, followed by a brief interchange. Extended exchanges should be taken off list.

Limiting Emails to Announcements Only
If you wish to receive only announcements and not social and political commentary, you can leave ISEE-L and sign up for the ISEE website mailing list ( A signup form can be found on the bottom of every web page.

Joining, Leaving, or Altering Subscription Options; Accessing List Archives
To join or leave the list, or alter your subscription options (including such things as switching to or from a digest version of the list), email the ISEE team at