ISEE Conference

ISEE 2021

International Society for Environmental Ethics 2021 Annual Meeting (Virtual)

Organized from Turku, Finland by this year’s conference team: Mikko Puumala, Laura Puumala, Helena Siipi, and Elisa Aaltola

June 30th – July 3rd

Keynote: Teea Kortetmäki 


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A Note on the Changed Format

In light of the worldwide pandemic, the decision was made to move this year’s annual meeting to an online format. Accordingly, certain changes have been made to how the meeting will be run. All sessions will he held remotely by way of Zoom, and all supplementary social programming will use SpatialChat.

New to Zoom? Download it from the Zoom Download Center. Support videos can be found at the Zoom Help Center.

New to SpatialChat? A brief tutorial is available once you access our SpatialChat space. Simply follow the provided link to do so, then navigate to the three dots at the top-right of your screen, which will display an option to view a tutorial.

For tech support, do not hesitate to contact Tilda or Niklas for help.

Contact Tilda on Wednesday and Thursday at:
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We look forward to an engaging and productive conference!