2020 ISEE at the Central Division Meeting of the APA

Friday, February 28                                                                                                                Climate Justice

  • William Littlefield (Case Western University) – “Utility Gains in Climate Justice”
  • Marcus Hedahl (US Naval Academy) -“Climate Justice & Moral Psychology: Surprising Stoic Solutions”
  • Rachel Fredericks (Ball State University) – “CLIMATE LEGACY: A New(ish) Concept for the Climate Crisis”


Saturday, February 29                                                                                                Understanding Community

Chair: Justin Dunhauser

  • Connor Kianpour (Georgia State University) – “Dolphin Ownerhood: Nonhuman Persons and Habitative Noninterference”
  • Sade Hormio (UC Berkeley) – “Climate Change and Responsibility as Members of Collective Agents”
  • Justin Dunhauswer (Bowling Green State University) – “Robot Pollinator Ethics”
  • Zachary Vereb (University of South Florida) – “A Kantian Perspective on Climate Ethics: History and Global Community”

2020 ISEE at the Eastern Division Meeting of the APA

Workshop on Sustainability in Philosophy

Friday, January 10, 2020, 9-11 am

This session will open with a special announcement of this year’s finalists and winner of ISEE’s Andrew Light Award in Public Philosophy.  Professor Light will present the award.

Following the award presentation, the workshop will be led by co-founders of Philosophers for Sustainability (PfS), Eugene Chislenko of Temple University and Rebecca Millsop of University of Rhode Island.  Professors Millsop and Chislenko will describe several recent initiatives of Philosophers for Sustainability and lead a discussion of effective ways to integrate sustainability into teaching, research, and service.

The workshop will include discussion of a proposed set of Guidelines for Sustainable Practices in Philosophy, developed by PfS and under consideration by the APA for inclusion in its Good Practices Guide.


Environmental Ethics in Social Context: Robots, Gene Drives, and Water Management

Saturday, January 11, 2020, 11:15 am-1:15 pm

Chair: Marion Hourdequin


  • Justin Donhauser (Bowling Green University) – “Environmental Robot Virtues?”
  • Zahra Meghani (University of Rhode Island) – “An Approach for Evaluating Arguments for the Environmental Release of Genetically Engineered Animals with Gene Drives”
  • Gehad Abdelal (University of Georgia) – “Water Ethics: The Problem of Uncertainty and Colonial Implication on the Nile River Conflict”

Call for Proposals to Host the Eighteenth Annual Summer Meeting of the International Society for Environmental Ethics


The International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE) is seeking proposals to host its Eighteenth Annual Meeting on Environmental Philosophy in summer of 2021.

For many years, annual summer meetings of the ISEE convened in Allenspark, CO, while most recently we have met at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest in Blue River, OR. Others have made successful proposals to host the ISEE conference internationally (including Nijmegen, the Netherlands, East Anglia, England, and Kiel, Germany) and nationally (New York, NY).

We welcome all proposals.

Information about the Society, including past conferences, can be found on our webpage: enviroethics.org

 Deadline for proposals: July 1, 2020


Submission Guidelines
Proposals should include the following information, complied in a single PDF:

  • Host name and proposed dates of the meeting
  • Information about the location and venue
  • Information about accommodations, meals, and transportation, etc.
  • A short “case for support” for the proposal, including ideas for themes/sessions/keynote speaker, and so forth. The case for support should also provide evidence of institutional support, if possible.

Questions and submissions (as a single PDF) should be sent to ISEE President, Allen Thompson at <allen.thompson@oregonstate.edu>

CFP: Settler Colonialism and Environmental Ethics

Special Issue of Environmental Ethics

Settler colonialism intersects with environmental issues, e.g. land use, water management, traditional ecological knowledge, ethics of place, environmental justice…  This connection is, however, sorely under-discussed in environmental philosophy. This special issue intends to breach this divide.

Papers can treat any topic in settler colonialism that connects with environmental philosophy broadly construed.

Proposals are invited in English but translation options for parallel publication in other languages can be discussed

Proposals from voices in academically under-represented groups are especially invited

Non-academically-traditional approaches are also welcomed

Deadline: 5pm, March 2 2020 Central Time (CT, i.e. Dallas, TX) A detailed abstract (~500-700 words) should be submitted

to Jeff Gessas at William.Gessas@unt.edu

Authors will be notified by March 31, 2020  Full submission:  June 30, 2020

Queries can be directed to Jeff Gessas at: