ISEE NEWSLETTER 23, no 2 (summer 2012)

The summer 2012 edition of the ISEE Newsletter has just been released.  This edition includes a report on our annual conference and is accompanied by a slide show of some of our activities during the event. Matteo Andreozzi, ISEE’s Italy representative, provides an update on the state of environmental philosophy in his country, while Bill Forbes introduces the recently opened Center for a Livable World at his university this past April.

New to the newsletter, we offer reviews of four books and a movie. Another new section, inaugurated in the preceding issue, is our version of the academic white paper, which provides an overview of and developments in a particular research area, identifies topics or problems in need of further investigation, and provides a list of notable and recent publications. In this issue, Christopher J. Preston offers an update on social and ethical issues raised by geoengineering. Finally, the current bibliography is more than 35 pages in length.

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CALL FOR PAPERS – Philosophy & Public Policy Quarterly, Editor Mark Sagoff

The Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy, now at George Mason University, is relaunching its journal Philosophy and Public Policy Quarterly, published since 1981.  The journal seeks papers that address normative and conceptual dimensions of issues of importance and timeliness in public policy including those surrounding the environment, animals, the climate, environmental justice, ecofeminism, biological engineering, and so forth.

The editors favor articles that are fewer than 5,000 words and are written in a style that will appeal to a broadly informed public.  Short opinion pieces are welcome, as are longer essays that might serve as target articles for solicited responses.  Articles will be reviewed by the editors and outside referees and, if accepted, will be carefully edited for publication.

Please send manuscripts by email to