JOB – NSF Posdoc, Earth and Environmental Systems Institute, Pennsylvania State


  • AOS: Environmental Philosophy, Epistemology, Applied Ethics
  • AOC: Open
  • Location: University Park, Pennsylvania, United States

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Ethics of Recent Report on Climate Change Science

donald_a_brownBy Donald Brown
Scholar In Residence, Ethics and Law,
Widener University School of Law.
Donald writes on applied, environmental, 
and climate change ethics.

Published March 9, 2014

Climate Evidence and CausesThe National Academy of Sciences and its British counterpart, the Royal Society, have published Climate Change: Evidence and Causes, a very easy to understand primer on the science of greenhouse-driven global warming. Although there is not a lot new in this report as a matter of science, it makes the strong scientific consensus on human-induced climate change that has existed for some time clearer and more accessible for non-scientists particularly on the major issues that need to be understood by policy-makers and interested citizens.  The report is written in simple language and filled with pictures and graphs which illustrate why almost all mainstream scientists actually engaged in climate change science are virtually certain that human activity is causing very dangerous climate change. Continue reading

CFP – Philosophy & Public Policy Quarterly

Normative and conceptual dimensions of international climate negotiations
19th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate
Change, Warsaw, Poland.

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JOB – Brown Postdoc Research Associate

Environmental Change Initiative
Voss Postdoctoral Research Associate
Providence, RI, USA

DescriptionEnvironmental Change Initiative

Brown University’s Environmental Change Initiative (ECI) seeks candidates for one or more distinguished postdoctoral positions in interdisciplinary environmental science. Continue reading

CFP – 4th Global Conference: Living Responsibly

living responsibly

Tuesday 6th May – Thursday 8th May, 2014
Lisbon, Portugal

How can we live responsibly, taking care of one another and of our planet?  This is the question faced by everyone who wants, so far as they can, to do what is right, and it is at the heart of Living Responsibly: Reflecting on the Ethical Decisions of Everyday Life. Continue reading

Call for Updates – Climate Philosophy Newsletter

green wifiIssuing soon, another Climate Philosophy Newsletter. We welcome updates, contributions, and news about your current research in Philosophy on climate change and the environmental crisis and related aspects.

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