CALL FOR PAPERS: Non-Anthropocentric Climate Ethics – Edited Anthology

Brian Henning & Zack Walsh, Editors
Abstracts due 15 October 2017

The complexity of life in an age of rapid climate change demands the development of moral frameworks that recognize and respect the dignity and agency of both human and nonhuman actors. Despite decades of careful work in non-anthropocentric approaches to environmental ethics, recent anthologies on climate ethics have largely omitted non-anthropocentric approaches. This anthology seeks to remedy this lacuna by presenting new work on non-anthropocentric approaches to climate ethics. Possible topics to be addressed include, but are not restricted to:

  • How will nonhumans be affected by climate change and how does this pose an ethical mandate for us to respond?
  • What do anthropocentric approaches to climate ethics omit?
  • What would an ecocentric or biocentric approach to climate ethics add that is missing in current discussions?
  • What would non-anthropocentric approaches to feminism (eco/cyber/xeno-) contribute?
  • How might the ethics of global climate change be shaped by scholarship on the non-human, considering such fields as multispecies studies, new materialism, posthumanism, and speculative realism?
  • What are the moral implications of the “Anthropocene” discourse for understanding and responding to the climate crisis?
  • What epistemological and ontological perspectives should inform non-anthropocentric approaches to climate ethics, considering scholarship on actor-network theory, thing theory, object-oriented ontology, vibrant materialism, process thought, or indigenous lifeways?
  • How would climate ethics reconceive subjectivity and agency if humans are no longer understood to be just discrete entities, but as assemblages of social, biological, or technological relations distributed across vast networks?

The anthology will, in the first instance, be submitted to Palgrave Macmillan, which has expressed initial interest in the project.

Guidelines for submissions

Deadline for submission of abstract (up to 500 words) and curriculum vitae: 15 October 2017.
Expected date for preliminary verdict on submitted abstracts: 15 November 2017.

Email submissions to the editors: Brian G. Henning (Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies, Gonzaga University) & Zack Walsh (Doctoral candidate, Claremont School of Theology)