CALL FOR CHAPTERS – Engaging Stakeholders in Education for Sustainable Development at University Level

Engaging Stakeholders in Education for Sustainable Development at University Level
Springer’s World Sustainability Series
Editors: Walter Leal Filho & Luciana Brandli
Deadline for Abstracts: February 20, 2015

There is a perceived need for engaging the various stakeholders when attempting to promote education for sustainable development (ESD) at universities. But despite this need, there are few publications handling this matter. In order to meet the pressing need for publications which may support the increment of stakeholders engagement for ESD in higher education, this book will be produced. It will provide a special emphasis to state-of-the art descriptions of approaches, methods, initiatives and projects from across the world, illustrating the contribution of different stakeholders groups for education for sustainable development in higher education, at an international scale.

The book, which will be published as part of the World Sustainability Series by Springer, will introduce the latest research and outcomes of projects focusing on stakeholder engagement for ESD in higher education. It will discuss the role of the stakeholders for ESD at university level, involving civil society, the private sector, and public sector (including local, national and intergovernmental bodies). In particular, it will describe practical experiences, partnerships, networks, and training schemes for building capacity for ESD and other initiatives aimed at promoting education for sustainable development taking place at institutions of higher education.

The publication will provide a timely contribution towards the dissemination of approaches which may improve the way we see and perceive the contributions of ESD in higher education to individual stakeholder groups, and how these can be improved in the future. The editors are looking for an international, balanced combination of teaching theory and practice, with case studies and examples which may be replicable elsewhere. Expressions of interest for papers (consisting initially of a 200 words abstract) on with one or more of the following issues and are now being sought:

    -Practical experiences from different stakeholders groups promoting ESD
    -ESD capacity-building programmes
    -The implementation of institutional strategies aimed at partnerships and networks for ESD.
    -The role of the stakeholders for ESD at university level.
    -Aspects of policy and governance for ESD
    -Evaluation of ESD collaborative approaches.

Other themes may also be accepted, and interested authors are encouraged to contact the editors and seek advice. Abstracts should consist of 200 words with all contact details of the authors. The deadline for submissions of abstracts is the 20th February 2015 and should be sent to Full papers are due by the 30th May 2015, and the book is expected to published in October 2015. Further details on submissions and format will be discussed with the authors whose abstracts have been accepted.