CALL FOR CHAPTERS – Sustainable Economic Development: Green Economy & Green Growth

Editors Walter Leal Filho (Germany), Diana Mihaela Pociovalisteanu (Romania)
and Abul Quasem Al-Amin (Malaysia) invite submissions for chapters in their forthcoming book, Sustainable Economic Development: Green Economy and Green Growth. Abstracts due January 20, 2015.

As an attempt to seek effective ways to foster sustainable development on the one hand, and economic growth on the other, many countries now pursue green growth and try to green their economies. But even though this topic is important, there is a lack of clarity around what green economy policy measures encompass, and how green growth related to sustainable economic development and poverty eradication, can take place. This book will address this gap, and will show many experiences in designing, implementing and reviewing the costs and benefits of green economy policies.

The book, which will be published as part of Springer’s World Sustainability Series, will introduce the latest research and outcomes of projects focusing on green economy and green growth. It will provide a state-of-the art description of approaches, methods, initiatives and projects from across the world, illustrating green policies and green growth can be implemented, at an international scale. The publication will provide a timely contribution towards the dissemination of approaches and methods which may improve the way we see and perceive natural resources and the technologies which may be used to protect them.

The emerging practices which the book will identify and disseminate, will help to provide some important insights and much-needed clarity regarding the types of green economy policy measures, and the institutional barriers, risks and implementation costs associated with them. The body of knowledge generated by the book will be very useful in offering guidance and in addressing concerns
on how to foster the integration of green economic policies and green growth with national economic and social priorities and objectives. Expressions of interest for papers dealing with one or more of the following issues, and consisting initially of a 200 words abstract –with all contact details of the authors- are now being sought on:

• principles and practices of green growth
• the implementation of green economy strategies
• the role of ecosystem services
• socio-economic issues
• economic growth and poverty eradication
• aspects of policy and governance

Other themes may also be accepted, and interested authors are encouraged to contact the editors and seek advice. The deadline for submissions of abstracts is the 20th January 2015 to Full papers are due by the 30th April 2015. Further details on submissions and format will be discussed with
the authors whose abstracts have been accepted.

The book is expected to published in September/October 2015.