Stipends – Enviro ethics papers at APA divisional meetings

The ISEE board has voted to grant $500 stipends to ISEE members who have papers on environmental ethics accepted onto the main program at any one of the 3 divisional APA meetings. ISEE will provide up to 5 such stipends annually. This is an effort to encourage the submission (and acceptance) of more papers in environmental ethics to the APA main programs.

For the purpose of determining suitability for these stipends, “papers on environmental ethics” is taken to mean “papers that might be published in the existing environmental ethics journals, or that might be presented at an annual ISEE meeting.” Please note that these stipends are available only to ISEE members, and only for papers that are accepted to the APA main program (not concurrent group sessions, including ISEE group sessions).

Please note that, in order to be elligible for these grants, applicants must be ISEE members in good standing prior to receiving the acceptance

If you are an ISEE member and you have a paper in environmental ethics accepted to one of the three APA divisional meetings, please contact ISEE treasurer Allen Thompson (‎ to apply for this stipend, which will be payed after the paper is delivered at the divisional meeting in question.