VIDEOCAST – Thinking Extinction Symposium, November 2013

thinking extinction - 3We are pleased to announce that videos from the November 2013 symposium “Thinking Extinction: The Science and Philosophy of Endangered Species and Extinction” are now available for viewing.

Thinking Extinction took place in Sudbury, Canada, from November 14-16, 2013, and it was organized by Laurentian University’s new Centre for Evolutionary Ecology and Ethical Conservation (CEEEC, pronounced “seek”). The purpose of the event was to gather leading thinkers, researchers, and scientists from Canada, the US, Australia, and New Zealand to address theoretical, ethical, political, and conservationist approaches to the crisis of mass extinctions that is occurring.  A central question of the symposium was, “With finite resources and a seemingly infinite series of conservation problems, including the impending extinction of thousands of species, how do we plan for the conservation of biodiversity?”  Videos include a keynote address by Stuart Pimm and a roundtable discussion featuring Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson.

Additional presentations by Deborah Bird Rose, Ted Toadvine, Ron Sandler, Ben Hale, and others can be found on the event’s website at