Seminar – Green Churches: Ecology, Theology and Justice in Practice

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Creation is endangered. There is a growing consensus in the scientific community that human activity has had a major impact on the loss of biodiversity, deforestation and climate change, to name some of the expressions of the ecological crisis. The oikoumene, in its etymological meaning of whole inhabited world, has the responsibility to act. Churches and the ecumenical movement at large have been reflecting and advocating for the integrity of creation for some decades now.

This seminar will seek to map the different efforts and initiatives in making the link between ecology, theology and justice visible, and by drawing attention to the potential for churches to develop viable, applied ethical responses and alternatives to the menace to nature from within their traditions. At the same time the seminar will provide insights into eco –theological discourses which emphasize the necessity of processes of mutual critique between ecology and theology in order to promote the common aim of a sustainable world for tomorrow.

The fee for the course is CHF 500. This includes full room & board for four nights (three meals per day, single or double accommodation, shared bath), two tea/coffee breaks per day, transportation to and from the Geneva airport or train station, meeting rooms, materials, and health insurance (if needed). The fee does not include transportation to and from Switzerland. Scholarships are available to assist participants to attend the course.

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The deadline for applications is 31 March 2014