ISEE Newsletter 24, nos. 1-3 (2013)

ISEE Newsletter 24, nos. 1-3 (2013)

The 2013 edition of the ISEE Newsletter has just been released.  We think that you’ll be pleased with the results.

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This edition introduces readers to a new ISEE / CEP series on the future of environmental philosophy.  It includes a report from the World Congress of Philosophy held last summer in Athens, Greece and the first paper in the series by ISEE’s Italy representative, Piergiacomo Pagano.

Christopher Belshaw provides a reply to the Dale Jamieson interview, originally published in the fall 2012 Newsletter In our Update on X series, Martin Schönfeld provides a timely and thought-provoking update on climate philosophy.

As usual, the issue includes a comprehensive bibliography, 55 pages in all, on current research in environmental ethics and philosophy.

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