WEBSITE – 100 Views of Climate Change

100 views of climate change

The new website 100 Views of Climate Change, provides extensive annotations and links to videos, podcasts, books, articles, essays, and websites that convey high-quality information in clear and appealing ways to non-specialist adults, including college-level students, their teachers, and the interested public. Its range is multidisciplinary, ranging from climate science to ecology, agriculture to literature, communication to policy, economics to energy, ethics to daily life.

This site is helpful if you’re interested in climate change and sometimes include the subject in your teaching but don’t feel 100% comfortable with all aspects of the topic; or if you sometimes wish you had a friendly place to look things up, or to which you could send curious friends, relatives, and neighbors; or if you just want to get a good introduction to the topic without having to plow through hard-to-read materials.

The site is a project of Changing Climates @ Colorado State University, an outreach and education initiative supported in large part by the Center for Multiscale Modeling of Atmospheric Processes, an NSF Science and Technology Center headquartered at CSU.