WORKSHOP – Procreative Responsibility and Population Size; UCL (Belgium)

uclThe Hoover Chair for Economic and Social Ethics is pleased to announce the following event, partially funded by the FNRS:

Workshop: Procreative Responsibility and Population Size
Date: 25/26 April 2013
Location: University of Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)
Register: (mention ‘workshop procreative responsibility’ in the subject)

– Daniel Weinstock (McGill): Individual Rights and Global
Responsibilities: The Case of “Procreative Rights”
– Andrew Williams (ICREA U – Pompeu Fabra): Distributing the Cost of
Demographic Change
– Gustaf Arrhenius (Stockholm): Inequality and Population Change
– Anca Ghaeus (Sheffield): The right to parent and duties to future
– Ingrid Robeyns (Erasmus): The limits of a Right to Reproduce
– Pieter Vanhuysse (ECSWP): Intergenerational Justice in Practice:
Measuring the Burden of the Old on the Young
– Anne Lenze (Darmstad): Raising Children, Contributing to the Pension
System and the German Constitutional Court
– Christian Farauros (NU Cordoba): Argentina’s Universal Child Allowance
from the perspective of procreative responsibility.
– Gregory Ponthiere (Paris School of Economics): Utilitarian Population
Ethics and Births Timing
– Axel Gosseries (joint with Nicholas Vrousalis) (UCL): Do Procreators
have Special Duties?

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