JOURNAL – Inaugural Issue of Environmental Humanities

The inaugural issue of Environmental Humanities is now available online!  Like all future issues it is published under a creative commons license and is freely available.  It is a fantastic collection of high quality papers that takes in some of the breadth of this emerging field.  In future issues we would love to see more papers from ISEE members and other environmental philosophers (in particular, papers aiming to be accessible to a wide humanities audience).


  • “Introduction: Thinking through the environment, unsettling the humanities” by Deborah Rose, Thom van Dooren, Matthew Chrulew, Stuart Cooke, Matthew Kearnes and Emily O’Gorman (Editorial Team)
  • “The Oedipal Logic of Ecological Awareness” by Timothy Morton
  • “Living With Parasites in Palo Verde National Park” by Eben Kirksey
  • “Burrows and Burrs” by Tom Lee
  • “Global Ideas in Local Places “ by Libby Robin
  • “SAD in the Anthropocene” by Laurel Peacock
  • “Risky Zoographies: The Limits of Place in Avian Flu Management” by Natalie Porter
  • “The Affective Legacy of Silent Spring “ by Alex Lockwood
  • “Unruly Edges: Mushrooms as Companion Species” by Anna Tsing