SPECIAL JOURNAL ISSUE – Geoengineering: taking control of our planet’s climate?

In November 2010, the Royal Society hosted a Discussion Meeting: Geoengineering – taking control of our planet’s climate that critically assessed many of the schemes currently being considered.  Papers in this volume, edited by Andy Ridgwell, Chris Freeman and Richard Lampitt, directly reflect the outcome of this meeting, including assessments of how proposed schemes might be implemented ‘for real’ in terms of engineering challenges and cost. Papers cover both technologies that aim to create cooling by modifying how much sunlight is absorbed at the Earth’s surface, as well as those tackling the root of the problem – excess CO2 in the atmosphere. Additional global modelling papers provide new assessments of how geoengineering may (or may not) fit with conventional CO2 mitigation measures to achieve policy targets.

The issue (and ALL Royal Society content) is currently freely available to access online until 29th November 2012.

The print issue is available at the special price of £47.50.  You can order online via the above web page (enter special code TA 1974 when prompted) or, alternatively, you can contact debbie.vaughan@royalsociety.org.