CONFERENCE – Towards a sustainable bio-based society; Amsterdam, Netherlands

A special invitation to attend the kick-off inaugural conference of the series Towards a sustainable bio-based society: Aligning scientific and societal agendas for Bio-Innovation!

*Until 18 October special Early Bird Discount!*

When: December 6 And 7, 2012
Where: Netherlands, Amsterdam, Pakhuis de Zwijger
Theme: Bio-based innovation and its ethical, social and political aspects
Conference flyer:

The transition towards a sustainable bio-based society is one of the big global challenges of today. Collaboration between science, industry, policy and civil society is of the utmost importance to make it happen. The conference series Towards a sustainable bio-based society intends to contribute to this. We hereby cordially invite you to attend the inaugural meeting of the series, scheduled for December 6 and 7 2012 in Amsterdam. The transnational, interdisciplinary conference series is organised under the auspices of the European Science Foundation (ESF) and  supported and co-funded by CSG (Centre for Society and the Life Sciences, The Netherlands), the ESRC Genomics Network (EGN, United Kingdom) and the FFG funding agency GEN-AU (Austria). We are confident that you will find the conference a rewarding experience that will allow you to contribute to setting the agenda towards a sustainable, bio-based future.

The overall aims of the conference series are to:
o    identify key trends in the co-evolution of contemporary bio-societies on the one hand and life science research on the other
o    explore the opportunities, challenges and concerns for society at large arising from these trends
o    develop a roadmap towards a sustainable bio-based economy through the alignment of scientific and societal agendas.

Each conference in this five conference series will be devoted to a specific topic concerning the societal dimensions of emerging bio-technosciences. The inaugural conference, to which we are now inviting you, is intended to will offer a preliminary survey of the landscape to be mapped. It will include parallel discussion sessions and poster presentations by early-stage researchers as well as invited keynote presentations.
There is an early bird registration discount available until October 18. Deadline for registration is November 26.