AWARD – Visiting Scholar, McGill

McGill School of Environment – Visiting Scholar Award 2012-2013

The McGill School of Environment invites applications from tenured professors who would like spend a minimum of 4 months of their sabbatical at McGill University’s School of Environment. The goal of this Award is to promote MSE collaborations with outstanding scholars of international stature in transdisciplinary environmental research.

The Scholar will be expected, at a minimum, to:

    • initiate or further develop collaborative, interdisciplinary environmental research with Jointly Appointed Faculty and/or Associate Members of the MSE;
    • give a research seminar on each of the two McGill campuses;
    • give a public lecture;
    • be present full-time at the MSE for at least 2 months within one of the two academic terms (Sept-Dec 2012; Jan-April 2013);
    • acknowledge the McGill School of Environment as the formal affiliation during the tenure of the award, and in publications that result from work conducted during the tenure of the award.

The Scholar will receive an honorarium of $1500 (Canadian) per month spent full-time at the MSE, and will be provided with an office, computer, email, internet and library connections, as well as limited secretarial support.

To apply for a Visiting Scholar position between June 2012 and May 2013, please submit an electronic application to Marilyn Scott by NOVEMBER 30, 2012. The application should include

    1. a covering letter that indicates, the planned research activities to be undertaken, the benefits that are likely to arise for the applicant and for the McGill School of Environment and the proposed duration and starting date;
    2. an up-to-date CV;
    3. an example of titles for a research seminar and a public lecture; and a nomination letter from one or more MSE colleagues with whom the research collaboration will occur.

Click here for more information or visit the McGill School of Environment’s website.