JOB – Full Prof., Philosophy; Wageningen Univ. (Netherlands)

Position in Philosphy in Wagening, Netherlands
Job Reference: WU-2012-HL010
Job Title: Full Professor Philosophy
Contact Email:, 0317-484116

We are looking for a full Professor of Philosophy (permanent position) who will lead the chair group ‘Philosophy’. The focus is on philosophical issues emerging at the interface of sciences and society, especially in relation to Wageningen University’s themes and issues: Health, Lifestyle, Livelihood; Food and Food Production; and Living Environment.

The chair group will participate in academic deliberations concerning the current scientific revolution in the life sciences connected with hands-on assessments in the context of real-life focus events, where various forms, languages and mediums of knowledge are confronted with one another. The group will reflect on concrete issues contributing to the philosophical understanding of knowledge societies, while attention should also be given to normative assessments and interventions. To strengthen and embed philosophical aspects in the life and social sciences, the chair group will, on a disciplinary basis, work together on research topics with the Wageningen research community, including topics in developing countries.

The chair holder will manage the chair group and generate ideas for new research directions and projects. She/he will perform research, generate publications in international key journals, and supervise PhD candidates. She/he will be responsible for initiating, coordinating and teaching courses at BSc, MSc and PhD level in the scientific domain of the group. As it is the intention of Wageningen University that (basic) Philosophy courses be part of all WU-programmes, the chair holder will initiate the development of courses in close co- operation with experts from various life and social sciences.

In this position you will use your scientific expertise and networks to increase the visibility of the research, to broaden the international network of the group, and to develop externally funded research programmes. To accomplish this, you maintain close contact with other universities, policy makers and research institutes.

The chair group will especially collaborate closely with the two other Wageningen University chair groups in the same cluster: Strategic Communication, and Knowledge, Innovation and Technology.

We ask for:

  • an inspiring and broad vision on and interest in combining philosophy with the Wageningen themes
  • an excellent track record in research, with publications in key  international journals, and supervision of PhD candidates
  • proven ability in acquisition of externally funded research projects
  • the ability to build bridges to other groups within Wageningen University and external organisations
  • an ambitious team builder with good management skills
  • creativity in communication of findings to scientific media, policymakers and the general public
  • participation in a strong and relevant international network
  • outstanding didactic qualities, capacity to motivate students and interest in setting up interdisciplinary courses
  • a PhD degree in a relevant field of specialisation

Besides a competitive salary we offer a number of additional benefits, such as an end-of-year extra month, a holiday allowance and a pension at the pension fund ABP.
Applicants from abroad moving to the Netherlands may qualify for a  special tax relief, by which 30% of their salary is tax free.

Further information about the position can be obtained from

  • Prof.dr Tiny van Boekel
  • Chair of the Search Committee
  • Tel: +31 317 484281 or 483529
  • E-mail:

More detailed information on the current situation of the chair group is available on request:

Additional information can also be obtained through the following links:

Are you interested? Please send your application, including your detailed Curriculum Vitae and list of publications, before 30th September 2012 to:

  • Drs. M.E.Vaane
  • Secretary of the Search Committee
  • Department of Social Sciences
  • P.O.Box 8130
  • 6700 EW Wageningen
  • preferably in digital form to

Please, note that the interview data are set at 11th and/or 10th October, 2012.

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