WORKSHOP – “New Fuels, New Rules?” at University of Leeds

The University of Leeds will be hosting New Fuels, New Rules?: An Interdisciplinary Workshop into the Impact of Low Carbon Passenger Vehicles on Society.

This workshop aims to bring together the understanding of experts involved in the development and implementation of a low carbon vehicle fleet, by opening a dialogue between the disciplines of vehicle technology, transport policy and applied ethics, all of which must work together in order to secure a sustainable low carbon vehicle market. The workshop is open to anyone with an interest in low carbon vehicle technology or policies, or the ethics of transport, public policy or climate change will take place on Monday 10th September at the University of Leeds and is designed to enable discussion on:

  • The role of the personal passenger car in a low carbon future
  • How new technologies and their supportive policies will impact on the opportunity of owning a car, and the utility it provides us
  • Who will be most affected by the technologies and policies
  • How we can work together to minimise impacts

Speakers are confirmed from the Energy Technologies Institute, Low Carbon Vehicle
Partnership, and Royal Institute of Philosophy. There will be a facilitated discussion on the issues raised throughout the day. To register for the workshop, please click here or contact Gillian Harrison at You can learn more about New Fuels, New Rules? here.