CALL FOR PAPERS – Canadian Journal of Env. Education – “Removing Margins”

For Volume 18, 2013; Theme Editors: Connie Russell & Leesa Fawcett

We will be accepting submissions for Volume 18 of the Canadian Journal of Environmental Education on our online manuscript management system until November 1, 2012.  We encourage submissions on a full range of research topics; unsolicited papers in all areas of environmental education are welcome for each volume.

Some of Volume 18 will be dedicated to the theme of Removing Margins in Environmental Education.  When the two of us edited a section on marginalized voices in environmental education research for the forthcoming International Handbook on Environmental Education Research (Stevenson, Brody, Dillon & Wals, in press, AERA/Routledge), we began the introduction to our section with the following, “Whose voices have been heard in environmental education research? Whose stories have been told? By whom? How have these stories been gathered? How have they been represented? To which audiences? As we ponder the history and the future of environmental education research, it is vital to consider these questions, to examine what has been happening on the margins of the field and why these margins exist.”

In this issue, we are interested in thinking about the word “moving” as an adjective, that is, how the margins have (or have not) shifted over the years, and also as a verb, that is, how we might proactively work together to continue to move, or better yet, remove margins in the field. While not an exhaustive list of what remains on the margins of EE, possible topics could include the implications of one or more of the following for environmental education research, theory and practice:

  • social class and poverty
  • disability
  • sexuality, queer ecologies
  • obesity discourse and fat theory
  • feminism/ecofeminism
  • environmental justice
  • racism and Whiteness
  • representing more-than-human voices

Further, while CJEE 17 has as its focus papers on Indigenizing and Decolonizing
Environmental Education, we would continue to welcome submissions in that
area as well.

For theme papers, we are requesting a “Statement of interest” (maximum 500 words) that includes the title of the proposed submission, and an abstract that describes the approach taken (e.g., theoretical, empirical, etc.) and provides an overview of data to be analyzed and discussed and/or key arguments to be made in the paper.

Deadline for Statements of Interest for Theme Issue: September 1, 2012
Deadline for Submission of Full Theme and General Manuscripts:  November 1, 2012

For more information, please contact Connie Russell at or Leesa Fawcett.  Guidelines for submissions can be found on the CJEE website.