CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS – Climate Philosophy Newsletter


It is time for another Climate Philosophy Newsletter.  I welcome updates, contributions, and news about your current research or teaching in Philosophy on climate and its aspects.  Ethics is vital, but I am also very interested in non-normative research, e.g. in epistemology, philosophy of science, phenomenology, and Marxism.  Some, but by no means all, research keywords or topics could be the ontology of climate, climate change, climate denial, cognitive dissonance, disenlightenment (US), limits of growth, civil evolution, philosophical alternatives, sustainability, synthetic philosophy.

Kindly send newsletter items to me at   Please put “newsletter” in the subject box.  I would like to complete the bibliography and the news section the next few weeks and post Climate Philosophy Newsletter 5 (2012) by mid-April.  Back issues of the newsletter can be found in the “Ideas” section of the International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE). Thank you for your consideration, and best regards!

–Martin, the Mad Hun in South Florida

Martin Schönfeld, Ph.D.
Department of Philosophy
University of South Florida
Tampa FL 33620 USA
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