CONFERENCE – The 100 Year Anniversary of Arne Næss

“Arne i 100” (“i 100” being a Norwegian phrase alluding to both age and speed/activity level) is a Norwegian committee and NGO that has been set up to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the birth of philosopher Arne Næss (1912-2009). Our webpage is now fully developed also in its English language version.

The anniversary event itself takes place January 27th in Oslo’s University Aula.  From that day on we plan to mark the Arne Næss year. Organizations, networks, institutions etc. that wish to associate with the Arne Næss year are kindly asked to make contact by email via We are first of all interested in cooperating with NGOs/networks/institutions within the cultural sphere, sports/outdoor activities, humanitarian work, the environmental movement, the peace movement and the education sector, but actors working within other fields are also welcome to make contact.

INDIVIDUALS can submit stories to The readers’ anecdotes about Arne.

INDIVIDUALS, NGOs, COMPANIES and PUBLIC AGENCIES can sign our Greeting protocol, whereby they acknowledge their support of the deep ecology platform (exceptions allowed) and commit to implementing a freely chosen act or activity in the spirit of Arne Næss in or during the Arne Næss year.