PODCAST – Michael Pollan on Our “Cult of Ignorance”

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For food writer Michael Pollan, a critical step toward understanding our food chains and making smarter eating choices is accepting that the “cult of convenience is a cult of ignorance.” Ignorance leads to carelessness, Pollan says.  While marketers have led us to believe convenience trumps all and food shopping and cooking is a chore, in fact, Americans just need to rediscover what truly enjoyable work it can be.   It is work, he says, which not only dispels ignorance but also helps create a better world. Join host Jerry Kay of the Beyond Organic Radio Show as we talk to Pollan about his newest book The Omnivore’s Dilemma.  We’ll also hear how Americans became “cornified” and get his perspective on grass-fed beef and the family food budget.  Interview from 2006.