CALL FOR RESOURCES – Geoengineering

As part of a National Science Foundation grant, a team at the University of Montana is building an online resource center on the Ethics of Solar Radiation Management (SRM) and geoengineering more broadly. We expect the site to go live in January, 2012. We are currently looking for suggestions of resources for inclusion under the following categories:

-Events and conferences pertaining to geoengineering and climate ethics;
-Websites of organizations related to geoengineering, including pertinent blogs; and
-Video, text, or other internet media related to geoengineering ethics and policy, especially those pertaining to SRM.

At a later date we’ll make a request for suggestions of articles, books, and other published material. Thank you in advance for your assistance,

Andrea Gammon
Graduate Research Assistant, University of Montana


Christopher Preston
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Fellow at the Program on Ethics and Public Affairs, University of Montana