“Homo sapiens, the Manna Maker” by F. M. Esfandiary (1975)

“Agriculture is undergoing an epochal revolution.  We are evolving from feudal and industrial agriculture to cybernated food production.  Computers, remote control cultivators, television monitors, sensors, data banks can now automatically run thousands of acres of cultivated land. A couple of telefarm operators can feed a million people.”

“We now have the capability to extract limitless raw materials from recycled wastes, rocks, the earth’s interiors, the ocean floors, space.”

“How absurd the American panic over scarcity when we are entering an age of abundance.  How absurd to focus on ‘finiteness’ at the period in evolution when our world is transcending finiteness, opening up the infinite resources of an infinite universe.  How outrageous that after centuries of privation and sacrifice leaders can come up with nothing more than yet more sacrifice. How short-sighted the exhortations to no-growth at precisely the time when we urgently need more and more growth-growth not within but beyond industrialism.”

At least Esfandiary advocates moving away from fossil fuels and investing in solar energy: “Why does the United States dissipate billions of dollars on offshore drilling for oil and on the Alaska pipeline yet invest only a piddling $50 million a year on solar energy and on nuclear fusion?”

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