JOB – Introduction to Environmental Studies, Wellesley College

Wellesley College is seeking to hire someone on a one-course basis to teach one of our interdisciplinary intro ES courses this spring semester (late January to early May 2012).  The course title isEnvironment and Society: Addressing Climate Change.”  It meets twice a week, Tuesday and Friday, from 8:30 to 9:40 a.m.  There is an existing syllabus (and previous instructors are also happy to lend existing course notes and slides); you are welcome to modify the syllabus as long as it covers the basic sections/appraches/information currently included.  PhD candidates (ABD) are eligible.

Course Description
ES 102 Environment and Society: Addressing Climate Change. This course offers an interdisciplinary introduction to Environmental Studies, with a focus on climate change.  Major concepts that will be examined include: the state of scientific research, the role of science, politics, and economics in environmental decision making, and the importance of history, ethics and justice in approaching climate change.  The central aim of the course is to help students develop the interdisciplinary research skills necessary to pose questions, investigate problems, and develop strategies that will help us address our relationship to the environment.

  • Part 1: Introduction.  What can climate change teach us about environmental studies (and vice versa)?; Environmental studies and the liberal arts 
  • Part 2: Primer on Climate Change Science and Why It Is So Controversial
  • Part 3: Who and What Deserve Moral Consideration, an Environmental Ethics Primer
  • Part 4: Tools from Politics, Economics, and Policy for Making Decisions
  • Part 5: Looking Forward, Strategies for Addressing Climate Change 

If you are interested/available, please send a brief note expressing your relevant background, along with a c.v., to Beth DeSombre ( as soon as possible.