CALL FOR PAPERS – A Festschrift to Honor Alan Drengson

Deadline for papers/work: May 31, 2012
To be published late in 2012 or in the spring of 2013

Twenty-eight years ago, Alan Drengson began to publish The Trumpeter: A Journal of Ecosophy.  The first issue was photocopied, stapled and hand mailed by Alan.  Twenty-eight years and two additional Editors-in-Chief The Trumpeter is an online, open journal hosted by Athabasca University Press.

The Trumpeter’s editors, past and present, invite contributors (students, colleagues, collaborators) to participate in a Festschrift honoring Alan Drengson’s life and work by submitting the following:

1. Personal narratives
2. Academic papers
3. Accounts of the founding of The Trumpeter
4. Reprints of Alan’s early work
5. Joyful paeans to Alan

These contributions could be in the form of narratives, poetry, photo-journals, or other archival information that reflect Alan’s early and continued involvement in the developing ideas, application, and elaboration of Deep Ecological principles; his activism; teaching; and related/relevant contributions.  This special issues honoring and celebrating Alan Drengson seek a balanced mix between the types of materials above mentioned for a summation of Alan’s contributions to ecosophy, The Trumpeter, and Deep Ecology.

Please direct any questions or comments to:
Michael Caley, Editor-in-Chief:
Jorge Conesa-Sevilla, Managing Editor: