CALL FOR PROPOSALS – Workshop: “Political Animals and Animal Politics”

ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops
Antwerp, 10-15 April 2012

Workshop: ‘Political Animals and Animal Politics’
Directors: Prof Marcel Wissenburg, Prof David Schlosberg

Despite 20 years of environmental politics scholarship, the place of animals and the non-human realm in environmental politics has remained unclear – addressed primarily in the margin of environmental/resource management research questions, or in the ethical rather than political status of animals. This workshop aims at a systematic, interdisciplinary understanding of the politics of animals and non-human nature, by addressing a series of research questions consistently from three perspectives: normative political theory; the qualitative analysis of the discourses and ideology of policy makers, political parties and social movements; and more classic political analysis of public policy and party politics. The workshop will deal with the following, intrinsically related questions:
1. What do some of the recent normative approaches to animal/nonhuman politics add to our political approach to nature?
2. How have animal rights groups and parties framed their recent arguments for animal protection? What discourses of animal/nature politics have been most popular and appealing to movements and groups?
3. Which normative approaches and/or movement discourses have been successful, and which not, as frames for public policy initiatives? How can we analyze the policy processes that have led to successes and failures of political initiatives on animals and non-human nature? Contributors can address a variety of animal/nature politics campaigns from single-state, regional, and comparative perspectives.

Deadline For Proposals
Proposals should be submitted online via the ECPRnet system by 1 December. Proposals are then considered by the Workshop Directors and you will be notified of the outcome of your proposal by 15 January 2012. Only proposals that are submitted via the website will be able to be included for assessment. Papers that have gone direct to Workshop Directors will not be considered.

Submitting Paper Proposals
In order to propose a paper, go to:

Be sure to select your institution (or select ‘other’ for non-ECPR members), and the workshop on Political Animals and Animal Politics. In addition to the abstract, the form asks you to make clear the relevance of your paper to the workshop theme.

Who Can Propose a Paper?
Anyone who is conducting research in the field covered by the Workshop. However only 10% of the total number of participants in a Workshop can be from a non-ECPR member institution and this will be implemented by the Workshop Directors.

For Further Information: Please contact one of the workshop directors:
Prof. dr. Marcel Wissenburg
Department of Public Administration and Political Science
Radboud University Nijmegen
PO Box 9108
6500 HK Nijmegen
The Netherlands
Professor David Schlosberg
Department of Government and International Relations
Room 269, Merewether Bldg (HO4)
The University of Sydney
NSW  2006