CONFERENCE – Ecological Inequalities and Interventions

Ecological Inequalities & Interventions: Contemporary Environmental Practices

George Mason University, Fairfax Virginia
September 22-23

Flier: Ecological Inequalities and Interventions

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Timothy Luke, Virginia Tech
Author: Capitalism, Democracy, and Ecology: Departing from Marx
Sept. 23rd-4:45 pm

Colloquium Speaker: Dr. Crystal Bartolovich, Syracuse
Discussing: “Commons and The Limits of ‘Biopolitical Production ‘”
Sept. 22nd -4:30pm

Events Schedule:

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011. Location: Mason Hall, D3A & B

2:30-3:00 Registration

3:00-4:15 Professional Panel:

“Making Ecology Work: Professional Environmental Practices”

  • Takis Karontonis
    Director, Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization. Chair, Arlington for a Clean Environment
  • Orjan Lindroth
    Developer, Schooner Bay, Abaco, Bahamas
  • Camilo Arango
    CEM, LEED consultant
  • Dr. Rory Turner
    Academic Director, Program in Cultural Sustainability, Goucher College

4:30-6:00 Cultural Studies Colloquium Lecture Series:

  • Dr. Crystal Bartolovich, Syracuse University
    “Commons and the Limits of ‘Biopolitical Production’”

6:30-8:00 Gallery Opening and Reception: “EcoCultures”

EcoCultures is an exhibition bringing together current cultural productions at the intersections of the arts, sciences and the practice of everyday life to explore the interdependence of our social and biological systems.

Friday, September 23rd. Location: Mason Hall, D3A & B

9:00-9:30 Registration and Reception

9:30-11:00 Panel One: Theorizing Radical Environmental Activism

  • Moderator: Gavin Mueller
  • Todd LeVasseur (University of Florida). “Environmental Activism: Faith is coming to a Struggle near You”
  • Michael Loadenthal (Georgetown University) and Jennifer Grubbs (American University). “Ecoterrorists Unite: Negotiating power through public performance”
  • Scott J. Tulloch (Georgia State University). “The Power of Seeing (or Not Seeing) Where Dinner Comes From: Clandestine Places and the Activist Gaze”
  • Bradley Kaye (Binghamton University). “Ecology as Coextensive with Economy: Deconstructing the Humanist Ethos”

11:10-12:40 Panel Two: Discourse, Representation, Ecology

  • Moderator: John Baker
  • Jennifer Lawrence (Virginia Tech). “The Resource Curse as a Fait Accompli? Casting Reasonable Doubt on Accepted Knowledge and Proposing New Solutions to Old Problems”
  •  Molly Storment (North Carolina State University). “Scapegoating, Mortification, Tools, and Prosthetics in Christopher McCandless’s and Aron Ralston’s Battles in the Wilderness”
  • Stacie Kotschwar (Binghamton University). “Green Beauty and the Intersection of Feminism and Environmentalism”

12:40-1:25 Lunch 

1:25-2:55 Panel Three: Environmental Policy—International Case Studies 

  • Moderator: Lisa Breglia, PhD
  •  Emily Pindilli (George Mason University). “Transforming a fossil-based economy to achieve a sustainable future: incentives for energy efficiency and renewable fuels”
  • Rowan Howard-Williams (University of Pennsylvania). “Global Environment, National Concerns: Environmental Campaigning in Turkey”
  • Xingting Huang (Southeast University, China). “China’s Low-Carbon Oriented Industrial Planning: A Case Study”
  • Sarah Surak (Virginia Tech). “Finding Value in the Trash? Power, Waste Regimes and German Vehicle Recycling Legislation”

 3:05-4:35 Panel Four: Perspectives on Ecological Alienation

  • Moderator: Dan Anderson
  • Matthew Garcia (Arizona State University). “Land Knowledge”
  • Ben Woodward (University of Western Ontario). “Schelling on the Assembly Line: Naturephilosophie, Design, and the Inadequacy of Becoming”
  • Emily Howard (Virginia Tech). “Salvaging the Forest: A Marxian View of Forest Metabolisms”
  • Timothy Griffiths (CUNY: Brooklyn College). “Of Hobos, Farmers, and Geologists: Mixed Environments and Dual Alienation in Breece D’J Pancake’s ‘Trilobites’”

 4:45-5:45 Cultural Studies Colloquium Keynote Speaker:

  • Dr. Timothy Luke, Virginia Tech University