CALL FOR PAPERS – Urban Areas and Global Climate Change

  • Deadline: September 15, 2011
  • William G. Holt, editor*
  • Research in Urban Studies, Volume 12*
  • Emerald Group Publishing*

The majority of the world’s population lives in urban areas. Global climate change will impact significantly low-elevated coastal regions which comprise 2% of the world’s land mass but contain 13% of its population in many of the world’s largest urban areas. These changes will not impact all residents the same with class, gender, race, ethnicity and age making some populations more vulnerable. We encourage papers from authors writing about cities and metropolitan regions across the global north and south. We will be looking for papers that illustrate how climate change affects these urban areas.

This edition of Research in Urban Sociology will focus on the following topics related to climate change on urban life:

  • urban development and design including the built environment and urban
    infrastructure (water, sewerage, energy, transport)
  • community participation, action and representation
  • impacts on informal settlements and slum areas
  • urban governance
  • public/private collaborations
  • local attempts at abating
  • disaster preparedness
  • social impacts on poverty and public health

Potential contributors should submit a chapter abstract for this volume. Proposal statements should be one-page, single-spaced in length. Pease e-mail your proposal to William Holt at by September 15, 2011. All contributors will be notified by October 1, 2011 as to their submission status. Final chapter manuscripts will be due January 15, 2012