CALL FOR PAPERS – Environmental Sociology & Ecological Disasters

The Journal of Applied Social Science, the official journal of the
Association for Applied and Clinical Sociology, announces a special
edition on “Environmental Sociology and Ecological Disasters: Policy,
Applications and Social Change in the Modern World” to be published by
SAGE. We seek papers that address how climate change and ecological
disasters disrupt communities, particularly those focusing on prevention,
recovery, structural and cultural change, mitigation, and other public
and/or social policy. Papers should be able to make applied public policy
recommendations that seek to encourage social change. The extended
deadline for submissions is now August 1, 2011. Manuscripts should not
exceed 7,000 words including references. This special edition will be
edited by DeMond Miller, Jason Rivera, and J. Steven Picou. Please send
your submission as an e-mail attachment to the JASS editor, Jammie Price,
at The attachment should be a word-processed
document (not a PDF file). The processing fee usually charged for journal
submissions for nonmembers will be suspended for this call. Choose the
option “journal submission”. Inquiries about the review process or about a
particular manuscript should be directed to DeMond Miller at For information on style and format please refer to  and see the journal section on the webpage.