CONFERENCE – The First Symposium on Ethics of Environmental Health

A satellite meeting of the 14th International Congress of Radiation Research
Prague, Czech Republic, August 24-27.

The ethical concepts underlying our system of radiation protection have received increasing attention over the last few years, but there seems to be little cross-fertilization with the discussion of related ideas in other areas of environmental health.  Therefore this symposium will address a whole range of topics including toxicology, risk research, and biomonitoring.  It is hoped that colleagues from radiation research will find the programme as interesting as those from other areas of environmental health as well as those from different fields of applied

The symposium is organized on behalf of the Society of Radiation Research and Emergency Planning in the Czech Medical Association.  The organizing committee comprises internationally renowned experts on ethics and environmental health.  Keynote speakers will be Deborah Oughton (Norway), Steven Gilbert (USA), Sven Ove Hansson (Sweden), Susanne Bauer (Germany) and Colin Soskolne (Canada).

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