FILM – The New Frontier: Sustainable Ranching in the American West

Rugged looking cowboy with a herd of cows behind himThe New Frontier: Sustainable Ranching in the American West

Category: Agricultural Ethics
Release Date: 2010
Duration: 27 Minutes

The documentary is co-directed and co-produced by UNT faculty members, Irene Klaver and Melinda Levin, and has been officially selected by the US Department of State for the American Documentary Showcase.
In the face of growing population and increasing development and residential sub-divisions, three ranchers—from Texas, Colorado and New Mexico—demonstrate how they are integrating their ranching into their respective ecosystems, taking care to sustain and maintain the watershed, wildlife migration and the land, while supporting their respective livelihoods.  This film depicts a classic American conceit—the American West and the cowboys and ranchers who settled there—and brings it into 21st century thinking, in which the characters evince an environmentalist’s passion for sustainability and conservation.

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