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Maintained by Donald Brown & Nancy Tuana and part of the Rock Ethics Institute’s initiative on the Ethical Dimensions of Climate Change (EDCC).

Logo for Climate Change blogClimate Ethics is a commentary site on climate change science and policymaking by those working on climate change ethics. The site is intended for policymakers, interested public, and journalists. We aim to provide a quick response in the form of ethical comments on issues in contention in climate change policy formation around the world and provide insights on aspects of climate change science that raise ethical issues and thus are in need of attention by policymakers. Working with scientists and economists when appropriate, we intend to follow developing climate change policy issues and stories and provide ethical comments about these issues, as well as commenting on the ethical dimensions of emerging scientific understanding of climate change. Our goal is to provide robust identification of ethical issues, ethical analyses of selected issues, as well as identify issues about which deeper ethical analyses needs to be done. In developing our ethical comments for this site, we will also work with others who are developing more detailed ethical analyses of climate change issues and occasionally summarize these longer ethical analyses when such work is particularly relevant to climate change policy formation.