WEBSITE – Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange

CAKE logo with lizardCAKE-the Climate Adaptation Knowledge Exchange
The old rules for conservation and resource management aren’t working quite the way they once did. Climate change is challenging our most deeply held assumptions. That’s why Island Press and EcoAdapt have launched CAKE, an online source for adaptation and information. CAKE is the first site explicitly created to address the effects of climate change on wildlife, ecosystems, and other natural resources. It gives managers the tools and insights they need to help natural systems adapt to a changing climate. CAKE also provides resources for educators to use in their class preparation and for their students. CAKE: (1) lists adaptation projects in a map-based database, important papers, reports, videos, and books in a virtual library, (2) lists the names of other individuals and organizations interested and engaged in adaptation in a directory, (3) provides a community section to facilitate dialogue with others grappling with similar climate related issues, and (4) provides guidance about where to get more information.