MEETING – ISEE at the APA Central Division, March 31-April 1, 2011

APA Central Division Meeting
March 31—April 1, 2011, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thursday, March 31, 9:00 a.m.-Noon

Topic: Perspectives on Ecocentrism, Moral Considerability, and Humans’ Place in Nature

Chair: Chris Diehm (University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point)


  • Antoine C. Dussault (University of Montreal)
    “What Moral Psychology for Ecocentrism?”
  • John Basl (University of Wisconsin–Madison)
  • “Extensionism, the Levels of Selection, and the Moral Considerability of Non-Individuals”
  • Tom Sparrow (Duquesne University)
    “The Necessity of Place in Spinoza and Merleau-Ponty”

Friday, April 1, 7:00-10:00 p.m.

Topic: Frameworks for Environmental Policy and Practice

Chair: Marion Hourdequin (Colorado College)


  • Greg Bognar (New York University)
    “Can the Maximin Principle Serve as a Basis for Climate Change Policy?”
  • Anthony Reeves (SUNY–Binghamton) and Jamie Kelly (Vassar College)
    “Strict Liability as a Framework for Environmental Injury: Three Moral Arguments”
  • Howard Curzer (Texas Tech University), Peter Muhlburger (Texas Tech University), Gad Perry (Texas Tech University), and Mark Wallace (Texas Tech University)
    “Environmental Research Ethics: Extensions of the Three Rs”