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This is the official site of the International Society for Environmental Ethics. For more than 20 years ISEE has striven to advance research and education in the field of environmental ethics and philosophy, and to promote appropriate human use, respect, conservation, preservation, and understanding of the natural world.  Here you’ll find a bevy of information including original articles, book reviews, and presentations, as well as information about events worldwide and links to other environmental ethics-related resources.


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CALL FOR PAPERS – A Constructive Environmentalism (Special issue on Steven Vogel)

Deadline: January 9th, 2023

Since the 1980s, Steven Vogel’s critical theory has been distinctive in environmental philosophy for both its rigor and its definite position. Particularly in Against Nature (1996) and Thinking like a Mall (2015), Vogel articulated a constructive environmentalism that simultaneously analyzes the fields of environmental ethics and politics in terms of the critical theory of social alienation and proposes a discourse-based, socialist form of environmentalism grounded in working out the meaning and norms of our environment together through difficult solidarity. In the last decade especially, social constructivist positions in environmental philosophy have come under criticism from a range of positions in environmental thought from new materialism, Actor Network Theory, and object-oriented ontology to a family of approaches articulating how the more than human world is communicative. Anti- and de-colonial environmentalisms have pressed hard on the purported anthropocentrism of positions such as Vogel’s which center the communicative power of human agents in the construction of politics and environmental norms.

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